Commit to loving YOU

You get up.  You push yourself to the gym even though you dislike it. But you go....  you go because you are told you need it, you'll feel better once you are done, your health and fitness depend on it.  As long as we're busy doing whatever it is that distracts us from the truth - the whole truth about our happiness and ourselves we will never be completely fulfilled.  

How many times have you forced yourself to run, to lift weights, to eat "clean"? ...all for an end result that hasn't happened; for an end result that hasn't truly been determined by you?

Society tells you you need to look a certain way, insurance companies give you parameters for health (weight/BMI) and your doc is on board, the trainer at the gym says you should run this fast, do this many push ups, lift this much weight, you need to workout because you over ate or ate something "bad".

The list goes on......


What do you do for you out of love?  Taking care of your body and health is not a punishment is is a reward for loving YOU!  We need to change our dialogue with ourselves.  We need to respect wherever we are right now and love and respect our being just as we are enough to nurture our whole being.  Give yourself permission to find joy in what you do.  Allow yourself to feel good in your skin right now.  Finding that is powerful.   You will realize the defeat of negative self talk and when you stop hating "how you are right now" it's as if a switch turns. Practice positive self talk.  Leave yourself love notes for your efforts. Honor your journey for the good and the bad.  Praise yourself.  

Until you commit to loving yourself as you are and do things that you enjoy you will only find a temporary solution to a permanent problem.  The real issue is loving and respecting yourself enough to care for your whole self....You as a complete being.

And once that "clicks" there is no turning back on what you can achieve!!!