Character, Wisdom and Success

There are things in life that take time,  They take effort, work and struggle.  They are sculpted through trial and error, through destruction and rebuilding.  They come with loss, lessons, and triumphs sometimes not in equals parts.  You may doubt or second guess yourself.  Your may be forced to pause and explore unknown interference, saboteurs or parts of you you have kept hidden and denied.   Those are the things that the resilient, the committed, the persistent achieve.  The road to achievement is not straight.  It takes many twist and turns.  And yes, at times you may feel as if you are not of the "right" path.  You may feel that you will "never get there". If there was a definitive path to happiness and success; to achieving your dreams and desires, everyone would be on it.  No one would be struggling.  Everyone would be succeeding seemingly without effort.   The seeds of progress are planted in your past failures.  They are your lessons to grow and truly define who you will become.  Your best stories with come from overcoming your greatest struggles.  Your praises with be birthed from your pains.  Remember the Phoenix rose from the ashes of the fire.  So keep trying, keep learning and keep succeeding one step at a time.