Today is 1 of 365

Happy New Year Everyone!

Many of you are starting fresh a new goal or goals or are contemplating them for the new year. Am I right???  Congratulations!!! Let's make this year count!  Make 2017 an amazing year!

There are several steps you can take to achieve your goals for 2017. Many of us set our goals as too general.  "I want to lose weight" or "I want to lose 20 pounds"  While the second is more specific it is still general in nature.

First step is to set those goals using the SMART rules.  SMART goals are Sustainable, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Time specific.  If you are an in-house client of mine that probably sounds familiar.  We also need to set what I call "stepping stone goals".  The daily, weekly, monthly little goals that help us to achieve our bigger ones.  Set goals that are physical, mental, and soulful in nature.  Include goals to nurture your whole being.

Second step is staying motivated.  "Well yeah" you are probably thinking.  Try keeping a log, writing a journal or creating a vision board.  I use a photo app on my phone, create photo collages and set them as my screen lock so I see them every time I open my phone.  Find a workout buddy, check out a new fitness class or hire a trainer.  Keep it fun and challenging for both your body and your mind.  These can keep you just as motivated on day 1 as 100 or 245.

Third step is to stay flexible with yourself.  Remember this is your journey.  And it's the journey not the destination that will truly challenge and change you.  Your journey is really were you will become your new self.  Those tough days when you struggle, the challenges of letting go of old habits and learning new ones those are how you create a new lifestyle.  Some days will be more difficult than others.  And you know what? It's okay to rest.  It's okay to reevaluate and revamp your goals.  Be persistent and consistent.  It takes approximately 12 weeks for a human to learn a new habit.  Try every day.  Do your best.  Don't expect perfection.  You will get there.

Just don't quit.