You are a work in progress

Yes you are!!! You are a work in progress.  The truth is your transformation whether physical,  spiritual or emotional will take the rest of your life.

We are creatures of habit and one of the most important things in transformation is habit or ritual.  We need to not only find new healthier habits but eliminate the old ones that are limiting us from transforming ourselves and our lives.  Feeling overwhelmed yet?

I'd like you to do an exercise.  Grab a piece of paper or your tablet doesn't really matter and create a list of all you wish to accomplish.  Include those menial things.  The little projects as well as the big scary ones.  Now, write a list of the things that limit your ability to take those on.  Be sure to include time constraints, people, attitudes everything.   List getting pretty long?

Okay.  So, let's put it into perspective.  Its great to have goals of transformation and change in our lives but we also have I right?  We have jobs, kids, maybe caring for an older family member.  We have groceries, cooking, cleaning, running a business 24/7.  We have when the car needs repair, crazy weather snow days, a root canal (thankful I've never had one but I hear they are awful), waiting on the plumber, cable guy etc.... You get the picture.

Perspective is this.  If you want to say lose 30 pounds.  That's a great goal by the way.  But here it is lower your expectations.  Yes I said lower them.  In this instance, losing 30# think of a 5 pound sack of potatoes.  Next time you are at the store look, now line up 6 of them. That's daunting huh?  So when I say lower your expectations I want you to focus on the first 5 pound sack.  Then move onto the next.  

Here's another example.  If you wish to eat healthier (okay that huge and undefined) start with say "I will eat breakfast of 2 eggs toast and an apple every weekday"  Once that sticks add to it.  Begin to incorporate taking your lunch to work and/or meal prep and planing for dinners as a family.

And always remember your plan is flexible.  If something is not working for you, revamp it.  Go at it from another angle.  There is no right or wrong way to achieve what you want to achieve. It's what works for you.  As long as you have a plan and you are consistent and persistent you will get there.  That is why SMART goals work.  That is why we make big goals but also must have those smaller stepping stone goals.

So keep on working.  You are a work in progress.