Fit tip

Fitness Tip of the day:  Losing weight the WRONG way:  starving yourself, crash dieting, cutting carbs, relying on tons of cardio, taking weight loss drugs, supplements or using tricks and fads really isn't that tough and can be done fairly quickly. That's why they "sell". 

The CONSEQUENCE is that you WILL gain the weight back and often times more than you originally lost. Losing fat (and maintaining muscle mass) for GOOD takes patience, commitment, consistency and a CHANGE of outlook toward your body and your relationship with food and exercise.  To change your body, you must first change your MIND!  Realizing that a temporary fix to lose weight quickly will put you on a lifelong rollercoaster of frustration over your weight.  TRUE Fitness is a lifestyle change and a long term commitment to YOURSELF to become and LIVE at the best you can be!