Rituals are what make you truly successful

Regardless of how you define success, you don’t suddenly become successful. You become successful over time based on your rituals.

In my opinion its not motivation per se that drives you. It is determination through development of a plan that series of events those daily rituals that truly decide success.

This is why we complete goal sheets that include stepping stone goals and behavior modification goals. It’s important to outline the plan for success in finite details at times.

We often fail to realize fitness and health goals are no different than other life goals. You want to become a doctor or nurse? There’s the schooling clinicals/residency then the profession. You want to own a home same thing a plan to work, save, peruse, negotiate then buy. Even something as simple as making coffee has steps to brew the perfect cup. So why would our health and fitness goals be different? Truth is they are not. They require rituals. Those routine daily steps towards your goals.

Yep truth is becoming fit and healthy takes work. It takes consistency. It is not a linear path. There will be tougher days than others. There will be days you fail. That’s all part of the journey. But your rituals will keep you determined towards your goals and striving towards success. That’s why they are so important. Sure someone may motivate you but that’s is only an external cue. We as humans need internal cues like drive determination and ritual to truly shine.