Weight loss?? Or Fat loss??

Weight loss really cannot be subject to a time frame, lose weight in 30 days, 8 weeks, 12 weeks. We are all different, have different goals, we have different stressors, we are motivated by different factors, in truth it takes a lifetime because it’s a lifestyle change. Weight loss is different for every individual. In fact I think weight loss is really the wrong term. Don’t we all really want fat loss? 

Some say it takes 21 days to break a habit but research will show it takes 12 weeks to establish a new habit and if we remove one what is gonna replace it?  Truth is a happy healthy, lean body is only achieved thru change of lifestyle. It can't be done overnight. Especially gaining lean muscle. Do you know it take approximately 4 months to truly gain muscle mass density that will impact your physique?  It is learning to eat correctly, exercise daily, manage our stress and to change our overall mindset. Focus on the daily small steps that lead you to the goal. And most of all enjoy the journey. Yes you will fail on the journey you will make mistakes and mess up!  But those are lessons that will teach you along the way. Those lessons should allow you the flexibility to tweak your goals and plan to fit your life. Because you know the gym is one thing. It’s maybe an hour of your day and food prep and such another but your mindset is everything. And if you choose the wrong key for your lock so to speak don’t quit try another key! Find the key to your door of success!

There is no rocket science to eating right. There are 1000's of "diets" to follow, pills and potions to swallow but none of them work. You may lose initially but in the long run, you will gain the weight back, plus more. In truth permanent weight loss comes down to two things CONSISTENCY AND DISCIPLINE. 

Exercise only will not give you weight loss success. Yes, it's an amazing tool when you're eating correctly and a very important activity to consider in keeping your body mobile, functional and healthy but exercise is only part of the equation. Food is another. And most importantly behavior modification and stress management. 

Changing your physique is difficult. If it was easy we would all be walking around fit and lean!!