Fit tip

Train smarter! 

Imbalances in the spine create chain reactions throughout the body. When something is wrong in one part of the body, it translates up through the spine. 

Doing the same exercises in a dysfunctional pattern will NOT make them improve. 

Back up 


Fix the dysfunction first 

You will be amazed!

For example a Kettlebell swing is NOT a squat!!!

Most people squat their swing rather than making it a "hip snap." The bell should never drop below knee level. Ever. When it does, you're increasing the arc of the swing and placing more stress on the lower back.

It should come from a hip hinge thrust. 

First off you must have proper pelvic mobility or you will engage from your lower back. 

Practice pelvic clock exercises daily. 

Practice yoga become aware of how your body moves. 

Stretch daily. 

Perform mobility exercises. 

Remember the 6 functional movements of the spine. All are important!