Motivation alone will not get to success

Motivation alone will not get you to your goals....

Motivation is the reason you take the step. It is the general desire to reach for something to strive towards a goal. BUT Motivation does not get you to your goals. When the road gets rocky when your plan falls apart IT IS Determination that does. Determination is not simply not giving up. It is no matter how hard things get, or how badly you want to give up, you persist, you resolve you stand firm in the purpose of what you are doing no matter the obstacles you find the path that leads to your success.  It is the internal drive to fulfill your goal dream or desire. 

-Determination is not giving up. 

-Determination is not letting go. 

-Determination is finding a way to make it happen. 

-Determination is falling on your face and your getting back up. 

-Determination is pushing past your perceived limits. 

It’s the nitty gritty not pretty dirty that drives you beyond!