Slow Metabolism? Probably NOT

The hard truth is that most often struggles with weight management are largely the result of simply not taking having care of ourselves the way we should’ve.

Genes are only a piece of the picture. The real issue lies in how our genes express themselves and that is based on a host of factors entirely within our control.

When we over-eat (or starve ourselves for that matter), or yo-yo diet; skimp on sleep and work ourselves to the point of exhaustion; eat overly processed foods, surround ourselves with toxins, or exercise obsessively to the point of diminished health- ALL of these choices influence the way our metabolisms process food, burn calories, and regulate weight.

It’s sadly often our own choices that manipulate our hormones to work against us, rather than for us.

And the only way to reverse the situation is to steadily make the RIGHT choices with as much time and consistency as you made the wrong ones.