Living Lean

Several of you have asked for my top tips for living lean

So here you go

1) Eat lean protein at every meal/snack

2) Start your days breakfast with 30 G protein

3) Eat your veggies 5-7 serving per day

4) Eat your fruit but not too much 1-2 servings per day

5) Aim for Fiber 25-30g per day females 25-35 g per day males

6) Stay hydrated Dehydration Can lower metabolic rate 3-4%

7) Lift Heavy things at least 3 times per week

8) Rest and Recover. Use active rest days. Get your Zzzzzz

9) Eat calories carbs fats and protein according to YOUR GOALS not a random “diet”. Are you wanting to build muscle or lose fat or both or just be happy?

10) Do some activity DAILY that you ENJOY!!!