Success is a series of peaks AND valleys

When we think of success we often imagine it as a linear line progressing upward and onward. Well maybe in the world of make believe or fantasy it is. Truth is to succeed you must endure both the peaks and valleys the highs and lows of your journey.

When you commit to your fitness health path you typically see initial progress all over the place after a few weeks or months. You are highly motivated. People compliment you. They notice your efforts and changes. You feel better have more energy can walk/ run/ row further can lift more weight have greater range of motion and mobility in daily activities. You may sleep better and may make healthier food choices. Then it dips. It’s kinda like the honeymoon period ends. The body plateaus the mind is tired and it all becomes routine …..but you aren’t succeeding like you were. It’s time to change it up right? Well not so fast! Some change is good but don’t forego everything you’ve been committed to doing. Congratulations are in order. You’ve graduated from the newbie phase! See NOW is where the real effort occurs. This is where the determination that internal drive and desire come into play. This is where you move into the next level. It is where and when you realize it will take years of consistent effort and practice/work to perfect your lifestyle of health and fitness.

Be aware. It will happen again. The dip. Another valley as you cross over into the next level and the next and the next.

Each time you must visualize the dip because after the dip with consistent effort and determination you will arrive at the next peak of success