How good you look at the end of a fat loss diet is dependent more on how much muscle you have and retain that how much fat you lose.  You will only be a smaller version of the "shape" you do not want to be if you do not take the time and effort to gain muscle.  

Strength training not only creates strength but it develops muscle.  Muscular development is how we truly change the shape of our physique.  It is much akin to creating a sculpture from clay. We must have enough clay or our creation will not have balance and structural integrity enough to be pleasing to the eye.  Thus, we need to focus on building muscular density in order to sustain a framework for our new physique.  Only focusing on losing fat through diet and cardio will leave you feeling unsuccessful in truly developing the shape you desire in the end.  This takes a commitment to actually eating enough calories to sustain the effects of building muscles and losing fat.  We will not get there by so limiting our caloric intake so much that we do not have the fuel to sustain quality workouts.  It is a finite balance of the two and no one has the same needs for calories vs training.  We cannot pick up the same training regimen and diet as our BFF or trainer and expect the same results.  We as humans are individuals and our protocols for success mirror that.  It is a challenge of trial and error and it will constantly be changing throughout your cycles of strength (muscle) building and leaning.  As they say insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Are you ready for the journey?  


Every day you have a choice to take responsibility for how you want to live your life.

There is no one to "blame".

You need to stop blaming "willpower" or the lack thereof. 

It's you and you alone that is culpable for the outcome.

Everyone has their temptations, their struggles and the choice how to deal with them..... power you put yourself back on the path.


Your trainer, coach, nutritionist is a guide, an educator, a supporter, but the daily rituals and choices are yours and yours alone.



You are a work in progress

Yes you are!!! You are a work in progress.  The truth is your transformation whether physical,  spiritual or emotional will take the rest of your life.

We are creatures of habit and one of the most important things in transformation is habit or ritual.  We need to not only find new healthier habits but eliminate the old ones that are limiting us from transforming ourselves and our lives.  Feeling overwhelmed yet?

I'd like you to do an exercise.  Grab a piece of paper or your tablet doesn't really matter and create a list of all you wish to accomplish.  Include those menial things.  The little projects as well as the big scary ones.  Now, write a list of the things that limit your ability to take those on.  Be sure to include time constraints, people, attitudes everything.   List getting pretty long?

Okay.  So, let's put it into perspective.  Its great to have goals of transformation and change in our lives but we also have I right?  We have jobs, kids, maybe caring for an older family member.  We have groceries, cooking, cleaning, running a business 24/7.  We have when the car needs repair, crazy weather snow days, a root canal (thankful I've never had one but I hear they are awful), waiting on the plumber, cable guy etc.... You get the picture.

Perspective is this.  If you want to say lose 30 pounds.  That's a great goal by the way.  But here it is lower your expectations.  Yes I said lower them.  In this instance, losing 30# think of a 5 pound sack of potatoes.  Next time you are at the store look, now line up 6 of them. That's daunting huh?  So when I say lower your expectations I want you to focus on the first 5 pound sack.  Then move onto the next.  

Here's another example.  If you wish to eat healthier (okay that huge and undefined) start with say "I will eat breakfast of 2 eggs toast and an apple every weekday"  Once that sticks add to it.  Begin to incorporate taking your lunch to work and/or meal prep and planing for dinners as a family.

And always remember your plan is flexible.  If something is not working for you, revamp it.  Go at it from another angle.  There is no right or wrong way to achieve what you want to achieve. It's what works for you.  As long as you have a plan and you are consistent and persistent you will get there.  That is why SMART goals work.  That is why we make big goals but also must have those smaller stepping stone goals.

So keep on working.  You are a work in progress.  

Today is 1 of 365

Happy New Year Everyone!

Many of you are starting fresh a new goal or goals or are contemplating them for the new year. Am I right???  Congratulations!!! Let's make this year count!  Make 2017 an amazing year!

There are several steps you can take to achieve your goals for 2017. Many of us set our goals as too general.  "I want to lose weight" or "I want to lose 20 pounds"  While the second is more specific it is still general in nature.

First step is to set those goals using the SMART rules.  SMART goals are Sustainable, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Time specific.  If you are an in-house client of mine that probably sounds familiar.  We also need to set what I call "stepping stone goals".  The daily, weekly, monthly little goals that help us to achieve our bigger ones.  Set goals that are physical, mental, and soulful in nature.  Include goals to nurture your whole being.

Second step is staying motivated.  "Well yeah" you are probably thinking.  Try keeping a log, writing a journal or creating a vision board.  I use a photo app on my phone, create photo collages and set them as my screen lock so I see them every time I open my phone.  Find a workout buddy, check out a new fitness class or hire a trainer.  Keep it fun and challenging for both your body and your mind.  These can keep you just as motivated on day 1 as 100 or 245.

Third step is to stay flexible with yourself.  Remember this is your journey.  And it's the journey not the destination that will truly challenge and change you.  Your journey is really were you will become your new self.  Those tough days when you struggle, the challenges of letting go of old habits and learning new ones those are how you create a new lifestyle.  Some days will be more difficult than others.  And you know what? It's okay to rest.  It's okay to reevaluate and revamp your goals.  Be persistent and consistent.  It takes approximately 12 weeks for a human to learn a new habit.  Try every day.  Do your best.  Don't expect perfection.  You will get there.

Just don't quit.  

Character, Wisdom and Success

There are things in life that take time,  They take effort, work and struggle.  They are sculpted through trial and error, through destruction and rebuilding.  They come with loss, lessons, and triumphs sometimes not in equals parts.  You may doubt or second guess yourself.  Your may be forced to pause and explore unknown interference, saboteurs or parts of you you have kept hidden and denied.   Those are the things that the resilient, the committed, the persistent achieve.  The road to achievement is not straight.  It takes many twist and turns.  And yes, at times you may feel as if you are not of the "right" path.  You may feel that you will "never get there". If there was a definitive path to happiness and success; to achieving your dreams and desires, everyone would be on it.  No one would be struggling.  Everyone would be succeeding seemingly without effort.   The seeds of progress are planted in your past failures.  They are your lessons to grow and truly define who you will become.  Your best stories with come from overcoming your greatest struggles.  Your praises with be birthed from your pains.  Remember the Phoenix rose from the ashes of the fire.  So keep trying, keep learning and keep succeeding one step at a time.     


Commit to loving YOU

You get up.  You push yourself to the gym even though you dislike it. But you go....  you go because you are told you need it, you'll feel better once you are done, your health and fitness depend on it.  As long as we're busy doing whatever it is that distracts us from the truth - the whole truth about our happiness and ourselves we will never be completely fulfilled.  

How many times have you forced yourself to run, to lift weights, to eat "clean"? ...all for an end result that hasn't happened; for an end result that hasn't truly been determined by you?

Society tells you you need to look a certain way, insurance companies give you parameters for health (weight/BMI) and your doc is on board, the trainer at the gym says you should run this fast, do this many push ups, lift this much weight, you need to workout because you over ate or ate something "bad".

The list goes on......


What do you do for you out of love?  Taking care of your body and health is not a punishment is is a reward for loving YOU!  We need to change our dialogue with ourselves.  We need to respect wherever we are right now and love and respect our being just as we are enough to nurture our whole being.  Give yourself permission to find joy in what you do.  Allow yourself to feel good in your skin right now.  Finding that is powerful.   You will realize the defeat of negative self talk and when you stop hating "how you are right now" it's as if a switch turns. Practice positive self talk.  Leave yourself love notes for your efforts. Honor your journey for the good and the bad.  Praise yourself.  

Until you commit to loving yourself as you are and do things that you enjoy you will only find a temporary solution to a permanent problem.  The real issue is loving and respecting yourself enough to care for your whole self....You as a complete being.

And once that "clicks" there is no turning back on what you can achieve!!!


The Dalai Lama XIV once said "Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions"

Thus the same can be said about success.. Your personal actions or inactions set the state for succeeding in your life's goals and endeavors.. Why do we so often as humans think less of our health and fitness goals?


Start thinking of your health and fitness as just as important as your life goals for career, family, education, home ownership etc...

Walk the pathway just the same.

Set the stage so to speak with a good plan, preparation and follow through.

Sure you may have setbacks.

But see them as joyful opportunities to learn and tweak the process....


Now go out and Succeed!!

Make Changes NOT Excuses

How many times have you heard that inner voice.....I'm too tired, I'm too busy, I'm not making progress fast enough.....The list goes on.

Real fulfillment requires action.  We must act by applying the knowledge that we are given in order to change for the better.

Success is less the result of what you know but the cumulative effect (acting based on what you know) of what you do!

Making excuses takes the same (maybe even more in my opinion) amount of energy to make a definitive change.  

The difference between the two? One is representative of complacency the other growth.  And without growth we cannot truly change.

It's your choice.

Make changes not excuses.

It's the only way you will truly grow and succeed.


Live A Life That Feels Right TO YOU

Life a life that feels right to you not one that looks right to everyone else.  

Give yourself permission to follow the path that make you happy.  And realize that some people in your life will refuse to walk beside you as you embark on this journey; they simply won't approve no matter what you say.......and that's OK.  Some times when you commit yourself to creating your own happiness, it clashes with the perceptions of other.  Some people may lift you up and some may be saboteurs.  Sometimes in order to gain something great or to become something great.....actually most of the have to let go of something else.

Remember you have the power to change.  Your journey is your and yours alone.  The people you take on that journey are your choice.