*BS Health Promotion and Wellness University Wisconsin - LaCrosse

*American Council on Exercise - Personal Trainer

*American Council on Exercise - Sports Nutrition Specialist

American Council on Exercise - Functional Corrective Exercise Specialist

*Nutrition Specialist - Tuft's University Dr. J Pentz

*Holistic Wellness Specialist

Individualized exercise & nutrition programs

Susan listens carefully to your goals, needs and aspirations. She is an expert at creating individualized exercise and nutrition programs designed specifically for you.

Find out what it is like to train with a caring and knowledgeable personal trainer who is certified and has actively competed on a national and international level.  Susan will assist you in building the foundation needed for success by getting to know you and your fitness goals.  Susan will help you strive to reach your fitness goals and health potential in an atmosphere of encouragement, positive thinking and personal accountability.


 The key is BALANCE of the following:

 Systemic imbalances





 Raw materials

>>>>Pure water

>>>>Real natural food containing essential vitamins and minerals your body can use


>>>>Do something you enjoy. 

>>>>Exercise is not a punishment it is a gift.


>>>>Emotional triggers

>>>>Support of those around you, who what are your saboteurs

 >>>>Childhood behaviors/habits


Restoration or Stress management - Get your sleep and take time for rest daily for adrenal health


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Creating your Program


Fitness Consult - $75
Healthy history, injury assessment, PAR-Q, and goal setting review.
(Fitness consult required for all potential clients)


Fitness Assessments - $175
Fitness consult plus cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and muscular endurance testing. 


Nutrition Consult - $100
Basic nutrition review and analysis.


Nutrition Program - $175
Individual nutrition programming development based upon body composition testing, activity/lifestyle factors and fitness/health goals.


Body Composition Analysis - $45
Available to in-house clients only


Exercise Program Development - $150
(Programs upgrades $65.)  Program development for use at home, while traveling or at your own gym.  Fitness consults must be completed prior to program development.


NEW: online ISF app training $75 per month

HYBRID training using app and 1 in-house session check in per month $125

In House
Single Session Rates plus tax
1 hour session - $80
1/2 hour session - $55


Session Packages plus tax
1 Hour Sessions
12+ scheduled - $58 each
8-11 scheduled - $62 each
2-7 scheduled -  $68 each


1/2 Hour Sessions
12+ scheduled - $40 each
8-11 scheduled - $44 each
2-7 scheduled - $50 each

Group rates available for 2-3 persons, please inquire





Working out with Susie is the best gift.

"I have had the great fortune of training with Susie on and off for the past 15 years. She is a talented and knowledgable professional.  She has given me sympathy, empathy, and tough love. The thing I have enjoyed the most is showing up and having her present me with a workout that is always interesting and challenging.  Working out with Susie is the best gift you could give yourself." 

— D.C.

Trainer, Nutritionist & Friend.


I have been working with Susie for over two years and have enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say every minute as she does make me work really hard while I am there. Susie takes great care in knowing the individual needs of her clients both when it comes to workouts, nutritional needs, or just a friendly ear.  She gears each workout to the specific needs of her clients and offers inspiration and encouragement throughout.  At times she pushes me to do somethings that are out of my comfort zone, but I feel safe in her studio to try new things as she doesn’t criticize, just evaluates and give feedback.  Susie also goes beyond the workout studio and forms lasting friendships with her clients.  I have become stronger, healthier and blessed while working with Susie and will continue to do so on my fitness and life journey.


We're stronger, more fit.


“Steve and I often find ourselves saying "thank you Susie" 
...... like when we're jogging and Debbie trips on a cracked sidewalk and engages her core to stop from falling,
...... like when Steve spends a long day working on the property and can move the next day,
We're stronger, more fit, and truly enjoy our Susie sessions. Thank you Susie!.”

— D.B.


Your new body experience awaits