She goes above and beyond.


“I cannot speak highly enough of Susie and In Sync Fitness. She has literally changed my life in profound ways. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about fitness, anatomy, physiology and nutrition but is also an amazing teacher, coach, friend, and support. When I first went to see her I was lopsided and discouraged with my body and progress. I had searched all over for an answer to the asymmetry I saw in the mirror and felt in my clothes, even my family doctor could not provide an answer. I went to Susie and within minutes she explained the issue and created a plan to correct it. I couldn’t believe it, it was a serious revelation!! I started weekly sessions and cherished (and continue to cherish) every minute I am able to spend learning and growing from her. She goes above and beyond for every client and makes sure that each experience is unique and individualized. She pushes you to go beyond whatever limits you may have mentally set and creates an environment that is motivating and encouraging. One of the things I love the most is how she has a way of making you feel like you are the center of the universe and are the only person who matters in the world. I never feel like my week is complete without having my sessions with her and am forever thankful and grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life. I have grown mentally, physically and emotionally due to her guidance and attentive listening and support. Words cannot describe how amazing Susie is, anyone who has the opportunity to share time with her or have her touch their lives is most definitely lucky beyond measure. ”

— E.Z.


Impressed with her level of professionalism.

I had been interested in adding something different to enhance my existing exercise regimen, but had been
apprehensive to include strength training, as I believed it could potentially aggravate a pre-existing lower back
disc issue that I have, thereby cause me more pain.  When a friend of mine suggested that I make an
appointment with Susie for a fitness evaluation, I was skeptical.  My previous experience utilizing a Personal
Fitness Trainer had NOT been positive!  I became very discouraged by the “cookie cutter”/”one-size-fits-all” 
training style I was receiving.  Rather than realizing the positive benefits of strengthening with a personalized
program, I was experiencing only increased, uncontrolled levels of spinal/disc pain. 
Still, upon the recommendation of my friend, I decided to meet with Susie to complete my fitness evaluation.  I
was immediately impressed with her level of professionalism, as well as her extensive knowledge of human
anatomy and physiology.  I found myself curious whether I could trust another Personal Trainer to assist me
with strengthening while prioritizing safety and proper body mechanics/posture.  I chose to begin training with
Susie, and have not regretted my decision for one minute!  She incorporates a wide variety of training methods
to provide effective, SAFE strengthening.  She utilizes specific strategies that are individualized especially for
ME.  The 1:1 training appointments allow her to focus INDIVIDUAL attention entirely on the person she is
training during that time frame.  After nearly a year, I continue to be excited when I am able to observe the
advances I’ve made towards a stronger, healthier version of ME!  I no longer experience the same consistent
levels of low back/disc pain, and these symptoms continue to decrease over time, as I continue to strengthen
and stabilize my core utilizing the personalized fitness training and “Homework” instruction Susie gives me to
do between appointments.   “Thanks Susie” !!

"She has given me the tools to live a healthy lifestyle"



“Tailored approach to each client's goals.”

In January of 2013 I made the decision to take my fitness to the next level.  What that meant for me was that I wanted to gain some muscle and strength.  All I had ever done was cardio.  I knew in order to give it may best shot I would need to work with a trainer.  Needless to say at 49 years old I was feeling very nervous and unsure if I would be able to actually "keep up with a trainer", lift a weight, get through a grueling workout or gain any muscle tone.  Susie put me at east and squelched those doubts in week one of working together.  Yes, the workouts were hard...harder than I had ever imagined...but they were doable.  She knew just how far to push.  She really listened to me when we discussed my goals.  I wanted a waist for once in my lifetime.  On the days that I was miserably sore or sleep deprived we would spend the time stretching to relieve tightness and soreness.  Susie's approach to fitness is tailored to each individual.  No two workouts are alike.  In my opinion, Susie's gift is her kind, practical and realistic view of women's fitness.  She is a poster child for showing women how to love their bodies, irregardless of the current shape.  If you want a kind, caring realistic and compassionate trainer...Susie's your girl.  I love my results!!! 

— K.B..

“Well balanced and versatile.”

I was referred to Suzie by a friend and I checked out her website and was intimidate by the pictures of a very fit and pretty Suzie.  However, my friend assured my I would love working out with her and that she felt it was the best thing she had ever done for herself.  So, I began by going with my friend and eventually I began sessions by myself and now I go regularly, twice a week and I look forward to it every time. Suzie is not just a great trainer, she is well-balanced and versatile.  She continues to learn news things and share them with her clients.  She adjusts my workout to meet my needs and personal fitness goals, she is also very fair with her schedule and accommodates changes in mine.  She is down to earth and fun to work out with.  Working out with Suzie is tough, but worth it, and I no longer consider my sessions with her a luxury, but a necessity! Thanks Suzie!


— C.W.


My flexibility and agility are amazing.”

I was living with chronic pain from fibromyalgia & worn out knees.  Susie introduced me to restorative yoga.  After a few times, I was hooked. I regularly set up poses at home. I could handle my pain better. I then became brave enough to join a regular class.  My body loved it! I regularly attend Susie's yoga classes.  My flexibility and agility are amazing!  She is a wonderful teacher who works with your fitness level.  I recommend that everyone do yoga.

— K.H..


“I learned to take care of me!”

I came to see Susie after my 5th child in 10 years.  I was out of shape & tired.  We started with simple exercises & built on that. We figured out ways to incorporate activities with the kids.  Susie helped me to develop a healthy eating plan for my whole family.  She encouraged me to keep a journal for those tough times and to see how far I had come.  Today, I feel stronger than ever.  I can keep up with my kids now! I continue to workout with Susie.  I am able to do things that I never thought I could , like a pull up!!  She gave me the tools for a healthy lifestyle.  I have learned to take care of myself first, so I can take care of others better.

— K.H.


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