Escape to yourself  

In Sync Fitness has a private studio with easy access to parking. The studio comes equipped with Yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets FOR YOUR USE FREE OF CHARGE. Come enjoy the special atmosphere Susan creates for you to make the most of your practice.

Yoga is the practice of listening to the guidance and wisdom of your inner voice.. It is about stilling the mind and going inward.  Yoga is much more than the physical practice of asanas.  It is a way of life.  Yoga's real message is "don't strive to be anything other than what you truly are in this present moment."  It is the practice of self-acceptance, love and respect.

Namaste -


WEEKLY Class Schedule:

Monday: Foundations Level 1 and 2  530-645pm with Susan 

Monday Beginning March 26 All Levels Vinyasa 715-830 pm with Mari Gisele

Wednesday Sustainable Foundations Level 2/3         545-7pm Susan  

Thursday Yoga Define and Sculpt 0635 am to 720 am Susan

Thursday Foundations Level 1 Yoga 530-645 pm Susan

Friday - No classes 

Saturday Slow Flow Yin 9-1015 am Susan

Sunday Beginning April 8 Morning Vinyasa 10-1115am with Mari Gisele

** Restorative Yoga Every third Sunday 430-630 pm NEW TIME!!!! Susan

MARCH 18 AND APRIL 15  Sign up is open  Class size limited to 10 participants COST $40 per person



Connect with Mari Gisele for details and to sign up for her classes and workshops :)



WINTER 2018 Schedule


Sustainable Flow Foundations:  Level 1/3 Progress your Foundations Level 1/2 practice or enhance your current practice of Vinyasa, Hatha and add a little Yin to support your current practice. 

Foundations Level 1 Yoga for those exploring the idea of Yoga or working around injuries or recovery. Choose Level 1 if you have never practiced or are new to yoga.  Progress into Level 1/2 Foundations after completion of Level 1 or if you feel ready to move from beginner to intermediate modifications. .

FOUNDATIONS Level 1/2 For those who are taking Level 1 and are looking another weekly practice or those ready to progress and refine your poses.  This class with progress you from Level 1 to Level 2 using props and modifications when needed.  Learn which poses are appropriate for your body and how to progress.  Learn how to honor your journey with gentle encouragement and grow your practice.  .

YOGA DEFINE AND SCULPT This class focuses on strength and intensity.  it combines flow and weights, making in unlike your typical yoga classes and more like a "workout" class.  Unlike other workout classes it combines a mental and emotional focus to not only strengthen your body, but to strengthen and challenge your mind.  The final savasana ensures you channel your energy inward and restore and revitalize the hard working mind and body.

Slow Flow Yin Yoga 9 am Saturday mornings.  A gentle to intermediate multilevel class blend of Hatha slow flow and Yin style yoga.  Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.  Yin is the stable un-moving.  It consists of long/moderately held poses that mainly work the lower part of the body, hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine.  These areas are rich in connective tissues.  The poses are held for up to 5 minutes, sometimes longer. Yin is good for you if you are over tired, over stimulated when your energy is erratic, your mind overactive, whether you are craving for energy or feel you have too much.

RESTORATIVE YOGA - Relax Renew your Mind Body and Soul.  Often we do not take the time to truly renew ourselves.  This workshop will guide you through gentle supportive poses, pranayama and visualization exercises to find balance an bliss.




General Yoga classes 
$12 per class with class punch card (10 for $120)

$15 for drop in pricing



Restorative Yoga relax, restore and renew with blissful meditation, visualization and breathing to calm and relax your mind body and soul.  We will finish the class with Yoga Nidra and silent meditation.
**$40 per session**
Sessions are held once per month

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress with Aromatherapy Held once per month with Mari Gisele Every last Saturday 5-630 pm

Kids Yoga Workshop April 4 11-12pm with Mari Gisele














An incredible teacher

"Susan with Insync has been an incredible teacher and a great introduction to the world of Yoga for me. She creates a fun challenging class that makes you want to come back again and again."

— S.F..

Invigorated and relaxed

"Susan designs her classes as a steady progression, moving toward a challenging pose in a way that helps me progress in my practice without injury or frustration. Her classes leave me feeling simultaneously invigorated and relaxed."

— A.C.

Positive and profound

"I take private yoga lessons from Susie, and also do her restorative yoga classes.  Even though I have done yoga for years, training with Susie has deepened my understanding of yoga, and has made a very positive and profound effect on my daily yoga practice.  My decision to work with Susie is one of the best decisions I have ever made on my journey to take better care of myself." 

— M.R.