How good you look at the end of a fat loss diet is dependent more on how much muscle you have and retain that how much fat you lose.  You will only be a smaller version of the "shape" you do not want to be if you do not take the time and effort to gain muscle.  

Strength training not only creates strength but it develops muscle.  Muscular development is how we truly change the shape of our physique.  It is much akin to creating a sculpture from clay. We must have enough clay or our creation will not have balance and structural integrity enough to be pleasing to the eye.  Thus, we need to focus on building muscular density in order to sustain a framework for our new physique.  Only focusing on losing fat through diet and cardio will leave you feeling unsuccessful in truly developing the shape you desire in the end.  This takes a commitment to actually eating enough calories to sustain the effects of building muscles and losing fat.  We will not get there by so limiting our caloric intake so much that we do not have the fuel to sustain quality workouts.  It is a finite balance of the two and no one has the same needs for calories vs training.  We cannot pick up the same training regimen and diet as our BFF or trainer and expect the same results.  We as humans are individuals and our protocols for success mirror that.  It is a challenge of trial and error and it will constantly be changing throughout your cycles of strength (muscle) building and leaning.  As they say insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Are you ready for the journey?